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Birdie Sheridan and her son Chef Andy Sheridan have invented a new and delicious way to experience dark chocolate ganache and it's less than 100 calories an ounce!

Birdie's 12-Pak Ganache is ready to serve. All you need is a spoon, berries or whipping cream and a love for dark chocolate!

Create your own dessert masterpieces with the home cook or commercial tubs of ganace.

Create a perfect cup of hot chocolate with Birdie's Home Cook Ganache.

When you bring to a party, Birdie's Chocolate Torte, your friends and family will thank you and really mean it!

ALL Birdies-dark-chocoloate-treatCHOCOLATE.


A New And Exciting Way To Experience Dark Chocolate Ganache—In A Small Cup & Guilt-Free!

Birdie Sheridan and her son Chef Andy Sheridan have created a unique and guilt-free way to eat dark chocolate ganache in a small cup with a spoon that is less than 100 calories! The ganache is artfully prepared from an original family recipe that combines the best of European chocolate with an indescribable texture that is a rich, lush flavor that will spoil your taste buds.

Although our signature offering is for the individual, we also offer it for the home or commercial cook in larger tubs. The results are a dessert that can be eaten immediately or used in an unlimited number of creative ways for cooking. You can purchase 12-pak-1 ounce portions in seasonal flavors, a 32 oz tBirdies-32-oz.tubub or an 18lb., 10 oz. tub.

This Michigan based retail and food service dessert company which provides affordable luxury that tastes like nothing you have ever had invites you to fall in love with chocolate all over again with Birdie’s Something Chocolate.

Place your order online, contact us or send an email to discuss any additional chocolate that you may need now or in the future.

  • “One of my favorite ways to use Birdie’s product is to whip it, put it in a pastry bag and then pipe it into tart shells and chocolate cups. I have been mixing in some raspberry compound lately…it is delicious. Also, I have used white mousse and whipping cream with Birdie's chocolate …there are so many ways to use Birdie’s Something Chocolate!”

    — Tiffany, Pastry Chef, Westborn Market, Berkely, Michigan

  • “The Birdie’s one ounce chocolates were a hit at my son’s wedding. The one-ounce size was perfect to serve between the service and the banquet. Perfect Size—Perfect Taste! ”

    — Jen Schwab (Mother of the groom)

  • “I have used Birdie’s Something Chocolate for three years. In that short time it has become the best selling dessert that we offer. Birdie’s Something Chocolate has many uses, including a glaze for my banana bread, a base for my chocolate mousse, or served in parfait cups in the Grab & Go section. I have received many compliments on this product. One of the best uses is when it is served in a red wine glass, garnished with fresh whipped cream and raspberries. It has been a pleasure to use this fine product. ”

    — Chef Aaron Cook C.E.C, Executive Chef / Principal Supervisor Banquet and Catering Services Schoolcraft College, Livonia, Michigan

  • “We were very pleased with Birdie’s Ganache for our customers at Christmas who received the 12-Pak. Also, our employees loved them so much that they wanted to order more. ”

    — J. Edquist, CEO/President, Carlson Tool, Cedarburg, Wisconsin